Certified RAAH & AURA practitioner


          Rising Phoenix Aurora

                                   Q.A.A (Quantum Akashic Alchemy) – December 2020

                R.A.A.H (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) – November 2019

                   A.U.R.A (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) – December 2019



December 7, 2019 – Present: R.A.A.H & A.U.R.A sessions, cleansing homes, houses, land and businesses. Stephen has very successfully facilitated many of these sessions.


Since 2010, I longed to tap into my divine power and to become an energy-work practitioner. I went on a search for a teacher. I reviewed and contacted several spiritual teachers, but my inner knowing did not confirm a teacher until January 2019 when I landed on Aurora at Rising Phoenix Aurora.

I came to know Aurora on youtube, watching many of her videos. In September 2019, I decided that Aurora was the spiritual teacher I was looking for all along, and so I signed up for and completed the R.A.A.H (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing) classes. At the same time, I signed up for and completed the A.U.R.A (Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy) classes.

In November 2019, I ordered and successful went through an AURA session with Aurora to personally harness its benefits and to know how it feels like from the client perspective before I performed it on anyone. I had a great experience healing many lifetimes, positively polarizing and getting rid of negative entities/ energies that were attached to my body and soul and filling my body and soul with love light energy. This helped me to make up my mind to complete the RAAH and AURA classes as soon as possible to offer the same benefits (as a practitioner) to others (clients).  I completed both classes by December 5, 2019.

Since December 2019, I have successfully administered several RAAH and AURA sessions. I also completed several sessions of cleansing homes, houses, land, other property and businesses. I assisted many entities positively polarize and detach from people, land, houses, homes, other property and businesses.

I am confident that I am meant to do this work. Even when you feel very fine, if you have never had a RAAH or AURA session, had your property, house or home cleansed, I highly recommend that you order a session and you will be amazed at the positive energy shift that will occur.

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