There are many spiritual accessories out there. It is sometimes hard to even decide which ones one really needs. If you are a client, this article contains most of, if not all, the spiritual accessories you need for your daily spiritual practice. I realize that this is quite a list, but you can just choose only the ones you know you need as you may have some of them in some form already.

If you are planning on using any candles, use them safely, please. Watch where you put them and always use a stable candle holder for each candle. Here are some candle holders:

Candles are essential for transmuting negative energies. We have chosen the colors of purple and white.

Crystals are essential in a lot of energy work. They serve many functions from aiding in clearing chakras, trapping negative energy, protection, you name it. Here is a great collection of beautiful, beautiful crystals.

It will be excellent to cleanse and energize the crystals before starting to use them. The singing bowl does just that. Moreover, the singing bowl is used in many forms of meditation and yoga, in sound healing, and removing negative energies from people, animals, spaces and objects.

If you need to cleanse your space (home, office, property, meditation space, etc), you need a smudging kit.

You can also use incense as the alternative to sage. Some regions of the world may not have sage but very abundant in incense. Be sure to cleanse and energize the incense and all your other spiritual tools before using them. Use the singing bowl setting your intent as or like “cleansing and infusing the tool(s) with pure love (source) light”.

The color white reflects off negative energies. For that reason, it will be a great idea to use white clothing and beddings during your reiki or other energy work session. Choose the sheets and pillows that fit your bed size here:

Here are some other office accessories that you may find useful:

If you need a smartphone, Click HERE to check out my affordable but excellent smartphone suggestions. Remember to download ZOOM on to your online meeting device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc). ZOOM is the app most practitioners are using for online sessions and other meetings.

I hope you find all or at least most of your spiritual tools in this list.

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This list was partly inspired by Aurora at https://www.risingphoenixaurora.com/ and Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtcjCh27-vZCuY1TBV-qXGg