It is important to surround yourself with benevolent sacred energies to filter which energies get into your sacred field and in touch with you. Set this protection twice a day (once upon rising once before bedtime) and as needed. Also, before you engage in meditation or any other spiritual activity, you should surround yourself with sacred Love-Light energies so you can connect only to and with the energy of the highest vibration of light.

I have designed several formats here. Find one that works for you or mix and match to make it your own. You can also create your own sacred shields that are totally different from the versions here. Any of these shields takes anywhere between 5 – 10 minutes. Anyone that chooses to shield one’s self with these benevolent sacred energies can certainly find the 10 – 20 minutes daily. I hope you can make it a habit for every at least once on rising and once before bedtime. Here are the different versions:

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Blessing Food
Cleansing Spiritual Tools and Other Items


CANDLES: The fire from the candle can be directed to transmute negative energies. Whenever you can, you should light a candle during your prayer and/ meditation.

CANDLE HOLDERS: If you are planning on using any candles, use them safely, please. Watch where you put them and always use a stable candle holder for each candle. Here are some candle holders:

INCENSE: Not only does it purify the air to create a pleasant prayer and/ meditation environment, incense cleanses an area of negative energies.

SINGING BOWL: For cleansing spaces and objects, the singing bowl is an effective tool. The sound from the singing bowl has that ‘expelling out’ effect. As the sound expels out of the singing bowl, it takes with it negative energies from spaces and objects.

I hope you will be able to find your favorite shield from the ones provided here or mix and match to create your own.

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