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I am mostly available on Fridays, but in certain circumstances, we can workout a different date and time. The green areas in the schedule represent the available times. Choose a date and time that works for you. The calendar automatically adjusts to your time zone.

This is an online virtual service to be conducted in the online presence or absence of the client and NO physical goods or services will be provided. The results of these services may not be measurable in tangible ways.

What is AURA? AURA stands for Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy. This healing technique incorporates the use of reiki, angelic energies, hypnosis, past life regression and quantum alchemy. Alchemy is the use of sacred symbols to bring in sacred energies. Quantum alchemy is the use of sacred alchemy symbols in and for energy work to speed up the connection to higher realms of absolute divine light and love. Reiki is an energy healing technique in which the practitioner transfers the benevolent healing energy through his/her hands to the client to promote spiritual and physical healing.

Hypnosis is a process in which a practitioner uses specific verbalizations and imagery to lead the client into, and sustain, a trance-like state. Hypnosis helps the client connect with his/her higher self (soul), travel through his/her past lives of significance, scan the body for all negative energies and request for angelic and other benevolent assistance.

First, the client places the order and chooses a date and time. Secondly, the client is sent instructions to prepare for the session.

On the day and time of the session, the process starts out with an interview to find out what brings the client into this session and what the client hopes to accomplish. The second stage is a special type of reiki known as RAAH (Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing). The third stage is hypnosis (as explained above). Once the client is in hypnosis, a past life regression follows as the fourth stage. The fifth stage is a past time evaluation to find out why the higher self chose those particular lifetimes and what healing, or other benefit can be obtained from that. The sixth stage is a body scan, in which the higher self with the aid of one or several archangels scans the client’s entire body for any negative energies, negative entities, negative portals, negative hooks and negative implants and the removal of such as they are discovered. The eighth stage is getting the client out of hypnosis and correctly returning them to full awareness. The ninth stage is the conclusion of the session.

In the tenth stage, the practitioner emails/sends the clients instructions on practices to maintain the achieved higher vibration and shield him/herself from future negative energy infringement. In the eleventh stage, the practitioner sends the client an audio or video recording of the session. The twelfth stage is for the client to listen to the recording. In the thirteenth and final stage, the practitioner follows up with the client to see how he/she is doing after the session.

What can be healed during an AURA session? The following can be healed: illness, disease, relationships, current and past life trauma(s). The following can be removed: negative energies, negative hooks, negative implants, closing of negative portals, negative past and current soul contracts, and reptilian consciousness. The following can also happen: rebalancing misaligned or blocked chakra and removing negative infringement upon the auric field.

An AURA session can take anywhere between 3 – 4 hours. Ensure that you are alone in the room during the session to get the most benefit. When others are present during the session, their energies can prevent you from achieving hypnosis, which is very necessary for past life regression, the body scan and removal of negative energies.

By signing up for this session, the client fully agrees to the following terms, conditions and disclaimers: “I agree to the process of hypnosis in which the practitioner will lead and maintain me in a trance-like state during part of this session. I understand that this session is NOT a replacement for my medical care. It is my responsibility to consult a medical physician as needed before and/after this session for existing and future health/medical conditions. The practitioner during this session does NOT give medical advice and is NOT a licensed medical physician. If and when this practitioner offers information on any of my health/medical conditions, it is my responsibility to consult with a healthcare professional regarding such information and follow the healthcare professional’s advice as I see fit. This modality is NOT a replacement for my regular medical care.
I fully understand that all healing is self-healing and that Stephen Nsubuga is only a facilitator in this process. I am aware that I must fully do my part in this process to allow and/enhance its effectiveness. It is my responsibility to be honest and provide accurate feedback in all the processes and stages related to this session. I understand that, once I am in hypnosis, the responses I will make will be from my higher self but NOT from Stephen Nsubuga. I am fully responsible for making the necessary lifestyle changes to enhance the effectiveness of this process.
I understand that Stephen Nsubuga may at anytime decide to cancel or decline this session. No fees will be taken for cancelled sessions. If I need to cancel a session for any reason, I must do so no less than 48 hours before the start time of my session to get a full refund. For cancellations less than 48 hours, I may receive back 75% of the total payment. I am fully responsible for all my other expenses related to this session. Since this session is only online, it is my responsibility to acquire, test and make sure all the equipment needed for this session works accurately. It is my responsibility to be on time for this session and to eliminate all and anything that may interfere with the success of this session.
I understand and agree to recording this session in any form for future use. Like with all online sessions, I am aware that insufficient or poor connections are possible during this session. I also understand that the online interruptions in connection may be so bad that the session may have to be aborted. I agree that rescheduling an aborted session is up to the practitioner considering when he and I will both be available.
Once the practitioner sends me the recording after the session, it is my responsibility to download and store the recording. I am aware that Stephen Nsubuga may delete the recording from his records as soon as he sends it to me. It is my responsibility to share the recording as I see fit. If Stephen Nsubuga realizes that the information received through my session may assist others, I allow him to share it in any format including but not limited to written, audio and video as long as my personal information is blocked out or changed.
This is an online virtual service to be conducted in the online presence or absence of the client and NO physical goods or services will be provided. The results of this services may not be measurable in tangible ways.
I and all my representatives release Stephen Nsubuga of all and any liability or harm that may be claimed in connection to this session and any other services Stephen Nsubuga offers.”

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