INTRODUCTION: Everyone involved in processing your food and/drink until it reaches your table for you to eat and/drink leaves some energy on and in that food and/drink. Some of the energy may be positive (of the light) while the other portion of the energy may be negative (of the darkness). Also, if you eat meat, the animals die in fear and all that fear stays in the meat as negative energy. If you consume any food and/drink before praying over it, you consume all the positive and negative energy in it. This prayer allows the positive energy to remain in the food and/ drink. It also converts the negative energy into positive energy or gets rid of the negative energy and replaces it with positive energy.

POSITION: Rub your right hand over your left hand in a counterclockwise direction to draw in the energy to infuse into the food/drink. Then open your hands toward the food and/or drink.  Have your back straight, with your feet touching the ground and in a seated or standing position. keep your eyes closed as much as possible to maintain your concentration. Here we go:


I invoke the Light of God within me to surround me and this – my food and drink.

I now infuse this food and/or drink with the Light of God within me to purify and energize, that by consuming this food and/or drink the very Light of God within me is further amplified.

To all the beings that have accepted to be my food and/or drink, those that have processed this food and/or drink, and Mother Gaia (Earth), I love you, honor you, respect you and thank you. And so, it is.


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