DISCLAIMER: This is not medical/ health advice. This is simply the writer’s expression of his thoughts and expression of his freedom of speech on this matter. Follow international, national, and local guidelines.

QUARANTINE TIMES: When exposed to covid-19, the quarantine period may average anywhere between 10 – 24 days from exposure. It may depend on when you get a positive result, or if you remain negative on all the required tests, or when your last contact with a positive person was. How easy the quarantine time is depends on many factors including but not limited to family/ friend’s support, availability of financial savings to see you through that period, ability to acquire government unemployment assistance in a timely manner, and ability to effectively handle the related isolation. This can certainly happen to anyone from nowhere. If you  are vaccinated, become identified as having been exposed to a positive person, but remain negative on the required covid-19 tests,  you may not be required to quarantine.

HEALTH: Are you healthy enough to take on covid-19 with just your natural immunity? Are you free of any pre-existing conditions? Do you eat a very well-balanced diet every day? Are you out in the sun without any sun blockers for about 40 minutes a day? Are you exercising for at least 25 minutes daily? Are you following all the precautions to prevent the spread of respiratory illnesses (wearing an effective mask, following appropriate hand and respiratory hygiene, and keeping an appropriate distance between yourself and others while without a mask?). Are you getting tested for covid-19 anytime you have symptoms – however mild? Have you ever lost a friend, relative or someone you knew to covid-19? Do you know anyone that suffers debilitating complications related to the covid-19 infections?

NATURAL IMMUNITY VS IMMUNIZATION: From testing the B lymphocytes that form the immune system’s memory cells, it is now known that memory of covid-19 lasts at least a year. If someone tests positive for covid-19 and positive for covid-19 antibodies later, the first day of that year of immunity can be started on the date s/he tested positive. For these known facts, why has natural immunity not been given much recognition as equivalent to receiving the covid-19 vaccine for at least that first-year following infection and proof of production of antibodies? Why would one have to get a booster immunization before the year of natural immunity elapses when the vaccines and natural immunity carry the same findings of a rare chance of infection/ re-infection, and very little to no chance of severe illness and hospitalization if a re-infection occurred?

COMPENSATION: Drug companies usually carry the responsibility of compensating victims of serious side effects related to the company’s products. If the vaccine companies were to do the same, vaccine research would be almost impossible, and the price of vaccines would probably be too high. Since these are special circumstances, would it not be very comforting if the manufacturers of these vaccines stood behind the safety of their products (the covid-19 vaccines) by pledging to compensate victims of related serious adverse events given that these are new vaccines produced in an incredibly short amount of time compared to past vaccines and with some critical pieces unknown to even the manufacturers (like: how long does the immunity actually last and any long term side effects in a few month/ a year/ a couple of years down the road?).

CHOICE: Should you get the covid-19 vaccine? The choice to get vaccinated should be a personal one as much as possible. Be sure to consider all important factors to make a personal and most intelligent choice for yourself. There should not be any judgement on whether one chooses to get or not get vaccinated for covid-19. However, if you choose to get vaccinate, there are two spiritual steps that may not be missed: 1. Spiritually cleansing the vaccine before receiving it (which should be done before setting off to receive the vaccine); 2. Getting an A.U.R.A Hypnosis Healing session after receiving the vaccine. There are now plenty of A.U.R.A Hypnosis Healing practitioners to choose from. Check out other spiritual services.

Look out for yourself the best you can. You are a sovereign being gifted with a freewill. Whichever choice you make should be respected without passing judgment as that is your best choice all factors considered and per your discernment. I wish you much health now and always. Like, share and comment on this article, and see you on the next one.

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